Non Surgical Facelift Treatment in Mumbai

Face Lifting

Face Lifting


Aging comes with a kazillion changes in your body. Among them, sagging and folding on your face are the common ones. Face lifting is an aesthetical procedure that gives your face a youthful look by minimizing the giveaway signs of aging. Dr. Manisha Saney is a renowned and an experienced doctor who will make the best decision for your face.

In the past facelifting procedure was a surgical method. But with the advancement of technology, face lifting can now be performed non surgically. In a surgical face lifting technique, the side flaps of your skin are being removed, and the skin outline is altered while you are sedated. But in the non-surgical procedure, the shape and size of the face are remodeled using non-surgical techniques.

Why is facelifting done?

You must have noticed the sagging of skin in old people. The sagging and folding are caused by aging and are inevitable changes of the body. The face gets voluminous and loose due to variation in fat deposits. But the face changes coming with the aging can be minimized to an extent using the facelifting procedure. The facelifting is usually done to reduce:

  • Sagging of the cheeks
  • Folding of skin in the sides of the nose and around the mouth
  • Folding and sagging of skin in the neck
  • Excess skin at the jawline

How is surgical face lifting done?

Surgical face lifting is the type of facelifting in which surgical methods are being used. The doctor will perform a facial examination and will inquire about your health conditions. The doctor will also ask about your expectations on the results and decide on suitable treatment. The steps in

  • The treatment is performed under anesthetic conditions.
  • After the sedation, Dr.Saney makes an incision starting your hairline at the forehead, continuing around the ears, and ending at your lower scalp. The excess fat is removed from the face. The underlying layers of muscles are lifted. The extra skin is trimmed.
  • After the fat is removed and the necessary parts are lifted, the doctor closes the incision with soluble stitches. Sometimes skin glues are also used to close the incision.

How is non-surgical face lifting

If you don’t prefer surgical face lifting, non-surgical face lifting is also an option. There is a different type of non-surgical facelifting methods that could be used. The most preferred ones are:

  • Eye bag treatment: In this treatment, the doctor uses dermal fillers to reduce the hollowness around the eyes. It gets rid of eye bags and the tiredness of the eyes.
  • Non-surgical eye shaping: The doctor uses dermal fillers to fill and lift the forehead region of your face.
  • Non-surgical cheek enhancement:The excess volume of the cheek is shredded using dermal fillers.
  • Non-surgical lip upgrade: The volume of the lips is increased and reduces the maturation of lips.

Results of face lifting

After the treatment, you may probably experience swelling, numbness, bruising, and pain in your treated area. But the effects will kick in once the swelling subsides. After the complete healing, you will find a young and aesthetically charming version of yourself in the mirror.

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